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Privacy Policy – Customer and marketing register

1. Controller


E-mail address: 

2. Data subjects
Customers (contact persons), potential customers, users of website forms

3. Purpose of the data register
The collected personal data is used to maintain, manage and develop customer relationships and potential customer relationships, to implement agreements, process orders, develop business operations and for marketing purposes.

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data
The legitimate interests of the controller.

5. Data register content
We strive to only collect data which is relevant with regard to the purpose of use. The following data may be stored in the data register to help in handling communications, managing customer relationships or targeting marketing efforts: Name, employer, company's business, address, e-mail address, phone number, role/title, IP address, operating system used by the data subject, browser and referral URL, source of information, customer's area of interest, sales office, vendor contact, representative contact, retailer, marketing campaign history, Viking website traffic history, sales operation history, answers to the customer satisfaction enquiry and reclamations.

6. Retention period of personal data
Personal data is stored for as long as it is needed in order to implement an agreement made with a customer or to develop customer services. In principle, personal data is used for marketing purposes for a duration of five (5) years. Personal interest shown in marketing messages might extend the retention period.
You can unsubscribe from our e-mail marketing list by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every marketing e-mail message we send, or by sending a notification to unsubscribe to 

7. Regular sources of information
Personal data in the register is collected from the data subject during website visits or in conjunction with other personal or digital interaction, from various registers to the extent permitted by law, and by using a marketing automation tool. Information is also collected using the Google Analytics tool.

8. Data register security
The secure processing of your personal data is important to us. We use the following protective measures to ensure the security of your data.
Accessing our system requires a user name and password. The system is also protected by firewalls and other technical methods.
The right to access and use the data contained in the register and stored in the system is only granted to specific, pre-defined employees who need the data to perform their duties.
Use of the register is protected by user-specific codes, passwords and access rights.
In case of severe security breaches, we will inform the security officer and the persons involved within 72 hours.

9. The use of cookies
We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the user's computer and stored on the hard disk. It allows the website administrator to identify frequent visitors to the pages, makes it easier for the users to log onto the site, as well as allowing the combination of aggregate information on the visitors. This feedback will enable us to analyse the use of our website and to continuously improve our website content. Cookies do not damage the users' computers or files. We use them so that we can provide our customers with information and services specific to their personal interests.
If a person visiting our website does not want us to obtain the above information provided by cookies, most browsers allow the cookie function to be switched off. This can usually be done via the browser settings.
However, it is worth remembering that cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of some of the websites we maintain and the services we offer.