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We in NS Lab have accumulated significant experience in electronics, microelectronics, laboratory facilities equipment and semiconductor industries markets, offering technologies, machines and furnishing, providing solutions, services and technical support.

Our workbenches are in use in almost every industry throughout the EU and ME. Technical, ESD and Lab furniture is our specialty for a number of environments from Universities and Biotech to Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturers.

NS LAB company specializes in the design and manufacture of workstations for laboratory, industrial and technical environments to maximize our customers productivity. We build ergonomic solutions that combine safety with the industrial-grade reliability.

Technological innovations are dramatically changing the way we work today and the working environment is not immune to these changes.

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to workstations and additional equipment. For years, we've been creating forward-thinking, modular equipment solutions designed to grow and evolve alongside your business.