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Radio engineering college

Branch: Technical education
Year: 2008

Professional educational institution “Radio engineering college” is one of the leading educational institutions in the region where they prepare technical specialists for electronics manufacturing. Training facilities in the college were equipped with new high-tech production equipment, computers (multimedia installations, interactive whiteboards).

Works and services performed:

  • Production training workshops were equipped with industrial and ESD furniture (workbenches, ESD chairs, storage and moving systems), also ESD garments, desktop sets, magnifying lamps and additional equipment.

Supplied equipment

AG ARGENTUM  workbenches

AG ARGENTUM workbenches

Workplaces are simple, functional and inexpensive. They can be placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.

Wardrobe cabinets

Wardrobe cabinets

For garments and personal belongings storage

Small filing cabinets

Small filing cabinets

Cabinets for components and documents storage

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